Mirobot – 6-Axis Mini-Industrial Robot Arm Now Available to the Public


The Mirobot mini industrial robot arm delivers incredible versatility and function for home, school and professional use. Now, an affordable option exists for 6-axis industrial robotic applications. Mirobot is available now with special rewards for early adopters: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mirobot/2094457401?ref=38xq6g&token=5b78c3bb

Inspired by the famous ABB IRB 6700 industrial robot arm which is utilized in advanced factories around the world, Mirobot was created as a small, affordable, and user-friendly mini-industrial robotic arm that is accessible to everyone. Designed for makers, robot enthusiasts, engineers, and students to learn coding, study robotics and more, Mirobot can perform any number of tasks including automated tasks, picking and placing, assembly and more.

„Our team is a group of industry experts who believe that robotics should be easily accessible to anyone. Our goal was to take the cost, size, and complexity out of industrial robotics and create an easy to use device for both beginners and advanced users. With Mirobot, robotics is easy and fun for everyone.” – Steve Xie, Creator, Mirobot

Mirobot is the smallest 6-axis industrial robot arm available today. It has an incredible level of movement and flexibility allowing it to rotate freely, 360 degrees on both horizontal and vertical axes. The robot arm has the high precision of professional industrial robots and 0.2mm repeatability that ensures that every motion is incredibly precise and repeatable with its array of super-smooth stepper motors.

MirobotOther advanced features are also built-in including OpenMV and computer vision code that can be used for facial recognition, QR code, and Bar code detection, shape detection, optical flow and a variety of other advanced vision tasks.

In contrast to other robot arms available today, Mirobot has a number of key features that make it simple to operate and no special programming knowledge is necessary. The Mirobot Studio software includes powerful tools for creative work and learning. Through the intuitive control interface, users can begin with basic commands and advance to more complex programming at their own pace. The visualized programming interface provides an intuitive way to program a robot arm using simple drag and drop techniques.

Mirobot is the most affordable industrial-quality robotic arm with intuitive tools that makes it perfect for beginners as well as more advanced enthusiasts. It finally brings the high precision and versatility of industrial robots to the home consumer and is one of the most versatile robotic arms available today.

Mirobot is being launched via Kickstarter with special deals and pricing available to reward early adopters. To learn more about Mirobot see the campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mirobot/2094457401?ref=38xq6g&token=5b78c3bb

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